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Suchi is a freelance writer specializing in sustainable building + tech, real estate, entrepreneurship, food + travel and education.

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Green Builder: Declaring Independence: From Net Zero to Net Positive

Our energy and water infrastructure is in crisis, but these projects have built in
resiliency with systems that function in tandem with or independently of municipal treatment plants and electricity grids.

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Green Builder: Brave, New Connected World of the IoT

The phenomenon of interconnected devices known as the Internet of Things promises to make every aspect of our lives more efficient and convenient. Are we there yet?

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Green Builder: The New Tools of the Trade

The construction industry is responsible for five percent of the GDP--but also for 38 percent of the country's carbon emissions and for wasting $120 billion annually. Yet the adoption
rate of new technologies that can help eliminate these issues is surprisingly slow.

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Net Zero Vacation Homes

Vacation homes that pay their way...These 4 projects not only leave light footprints, they also serve as power generators when not in use.

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Green Builder: High Tech Window Glazing

An array of glazing technologies offer a solution for every climate

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Sharing your home in the sharing economy

Web-based services are helping second homes that would otherwise remain vacant stay occupied—and bringing in extra cash for homeowners.