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Suchi is a freelance writer specializing in sustainable building + tech, real estate, entrepreneurship, food + travel and education.

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Bierlife article

Move over Malbec: How Craft Beer Is Taking over Buenos Aires ...

Move over Malbec, it’s time for some craft cerveza. In Buenos Aires, the craft beer craze is suddenly getting much, much crazier.

Bbc supra article

BBC Travel: How to survive a Georgian feast

I had only heard stories about the famous Georgian supra, the traditional feast offered spontaneously to the luckiest of visitors.

Boise article

A Weekend in Boise, Idaho

With an urban setting that blends into mountain scenery and a lush, tree-filled location on the Boise River, Boise is a perfect year-round retreat for outdoor enthusiasts looking for city amenities.

Austin article

Experience 2 Sides of Texas in Dallas and Austin

Dallas embodies traditional Texas culture, whether you are seeking urban cowboys, country music or inspiring architecture. Meanwhile, Austin offers a laid-back and artsy slice of the Lone Star State with a vibrant music scene, inviting outdoor spaces and a festival for every occasion.

Idaho article
The Huffington Post

Why Northern Idaho Is the Perfect Road ...

Outside of Alaska, Idaho contains the largest area of remote and rugged wilderness in the country.

Open uri20170811 6207 15p7ufp article

Village Life in Ukraine

Steadily pulling her brown kravchuk, she talked about recent changes. As we passed a rundown building, she pointed with her forehead and said, “That is the church. It used to be a bar.”

What you need to know about furnishing your vacation rental

The vacation rental market is booming. Here are some inexpensive ideas to help you deck your house or apartment out with the right furniture, appliances, and accessories that will bring in a steady stream of guests--and raving reviews.

Beyond Protests: How Higher Ed Institutions Are Bringing Civic ...

With the current volatile state of political affairs in the United States, levels of civic engagement are notably high. A key demographic spurring this activity is college students...

Lorraine chef macaroon   copy %282%29 article
The Huffington Post

San Antonio sets the scene for a quiet culinary revolution | The Huffington Post

San Antonio is not just about Tex-Mex and chicken-fried steak anymore. A recent visit to this family-friendly Texas town revealed a quietly growing gastronomic scene that doesn’t center around chips and salsa.

Senior Living Options Evolve as America Ages

The aging baby boomer generation of 78 million, who are currently between 50 and 70 years old, is starting to influence different approaches toward senior housing.

Breathing new life into under utilized buildings article

Breathing new life into under-utilized buildings

Take a walk through a busy city on a weekday afternoon and the number of spaces used only on a part-time basis starts to rack up.

Exploring game-based assessments

To the restless middle school student, game-based learning activities might seem light-hearted and fun. But ETS researchers know that games can be serious, powerful tools.

Dec9 granduca 221 article
The Huffington Post

A Taste of Northern Italy In Austin

I fell in love at first bite in Trento, Italy, but Austin, TX is now home to some serious northern Italian cuisine.....

A No-Nonsense Guide to Mortgage Loan Types

There are plenty of fish in the sea of mortgages. But before you decide which one is right for your long-term commitment, you’ll need to learn the language of home loans.

08iht rerecoleta master675 article
The New York Times

The New York Times: At home with the world in Buenos Aires

Walking through the circular layout of Frank Ansel’s home is akin to a leisurely museum stroll.