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Suchi is a freelance writer specializing in sustainable building + tech, real estate, entrepreneurship, food + travel and education.

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Senior Living Options Evolve as America Ages

The aging baby boomer generation of 78 million, who are currently between 50 and 70 years old, is starting to influence different approaches toward senior housing.

Breathing new life into under utilized buildings article

Breathing new life into under-utilized buildings

Take a walk through a busy city on a weekday afternoon and the number of spaces used only on a part-time basis starts to rack up.

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Can mobile apps make for happy hotel guests?

For today’s tech savvy and time poor consumers, using a wide variety of apps to manage their daily activities has become second nature.

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Are green stores becoming fashionable among retailers?

Once the preserve of niche eco-conscious brands, 'going green' is becoming increasingly mainstream in the retail industry....

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Six ways American malls are adapting to the times

Many American malls are making serious efforts and investments to renovate and redevelop their look and strategy to keep fickle consumers interested....

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Train stations: From transport hubs to shopping destinations

Train station retail has become about much more than grabbing a coffee to go....