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Suchi Rudra

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Suchi is a freelance writer specializing in sustainable building + tech, real estate, entrepreneurship, food + travel and education.

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Government-Paid Incentives for Greening Your Home

Get federal tax credits and state rebates for your solar panels and biomass stove.

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5 Alternative Options for the Eco-Conscious Home Buyer

Tiny homes, net zero homes, and eco communities are all money-saving dwellings that appeal to the eco-conscious home buyer....

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5 Reasons to Start Co-Working Now

Combining the social atmosphere of a professional office with the peace and privacy of working alone at home, co-working has a lot to offer the independent professional.

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10 TED Talks That’ll Inspire You to Rethink What You Know About Life

Sometimes, it takes more than the latest best-selling novel or inspirational blog post to get yourself pumped to tackle every day like it's your last. And real...

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The 10 Most Popular, Must-Read Books for the Work at Home Crowd

Writer Suchi shares some of her pick for the must-read books for the work at home newbie. Already a full timer? You probably already have them!...